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I am Dianta Weeda a web designer and photographer on white sneakers from The Netherlands. Most days you'll find me behind my computer creating websites and editing photos for awesome girl bosses like you! I have a soft spot for minimal design and I can't create magic in tight jeans. Highfive for yoga pants!

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How this all came about

My one way ticket to the world wide web

I have never been anything other than a creative entrepreneur. Straight out of Business school I have gone from owning my fashion store to blogging about female entrepreneurs. Interviewing girl bosses lit me up and it was so fun to share stories on my blog. This blog was my one-way ticket to the worldwide web.

While I interviewed awesome girl bosses, I learned to tweak every corner of my blog and became a self taught photographer to showcase these boss ladies on my blog. I discovered that web design and photography was a wonderful match and a perfect creative outlet for me. So I decided to turn my blog into a design studio and serve the heartfelt dream chasers and doers I once interviewed through web design and photography! 

how I solve a problem

naturally stand out from the crowd

With lots of wonderful diverse experiences, I know a thing or two about starting and running a business. A bump in the road always was a website that either costs too much or didn’t reflect my vision. So, I am here to help you to communicate your vision through strong personalised brand images. I know what you need commercially and what you'll love aesthetically.

If it scares you to step into the frame, please rest assured I am too! That's why it is my promise to you, that I will do everything in my power to make you feel comfortable during the shoot. I am not only know for my creative skills but people also feel free to open up to me, even in the checkout line at the grocery store! 

how this all came about


it's not about photos

I jump out of bed madly inspired to get to a photo shoot. I do a little happy dance when a client sends me the smiley emoticons when they receive their gallery. But why? Well, not just because I am good at it and it makes me happy. It’s because I know how it feels to take on a business adventure on a gut feeling. What its like to stay true to big dreams unapologetically while I have not figured it all out. 

Most of all I know what it feels like to be supported by people who may not understand my dreams but are fearlessly cheering me on. I know the best and worst of the freelance lifestyle and web design is my creative way to empower, support and inspire you in your business adventures. 

So when you find me here on the world wide web, you may book a photoshoot and then I may do a funny little dance when you're excited about your brand new images. But know that you’ve also found a friend who gets you and is rooting for you!

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fun facts

 I can play the guitar a little bit but I can't sing

secret talent

Love the Tone It up girls! Or biking, hiking or netflixing


Being at the wrong party next door and have no idea

most akward

Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein

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I can sell my tomato pasta dish in Italy, I am sure

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Nothing can dim the light that shines from within - Maya Angelou

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